Guitar lessons

Our guitar lessons are tailored to suit each student’s goals. Whether you have years of experience or are just starting out, our private guitar lessons can help you improve while getting more enjoyment out of playing guitar.


Do you want to:

  • Play your favorite songs?
  • Be able to teach yourself songs by ear?
  • Be able to read music?
  • Know how to write your own songs?
  • Play solos and and be able to improvise?
  • Know how to apply music theory to your playing?


Our approach to teaching the guitar:

Playing the guitar requires a combination of skills consisting of technical proficiency, physical coordination and syncronization between both hands, the knowledge and the application of music theory, emotional awareness and aural perception.

Our holistic approach.
The way we present our classes grows all of these skills simultaniously as far as possible. We make sure that our students are technically skilled and educated musicans, no matter your preferred style of music.

It must be fun!
You will learn all of the above skills by mostly playing the songs you prefer. Obviously we will teach you some other songs ass well to make sure you grow as a musician. For beginners the reality is that it might take quite a while to play in the style you prefer...

Some of the things you'll learn:
Parts of the guitar, tuning the guitar, open chords, barre chords, CAGED, scales, chord scale relationships, improvization, harmony, strumming patterns, alternate picking, sweep picking, two-hanned tapping, natural harmonics, artificial harmonics etc..